My name is Dana and I’ve been blessed with three wonderful boys! As you can probably imagine my household is a bit crazy and chaotic at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a former pastry chef and restaurant cook turned stay at home mom. Luckily for my boys (and husband) I do still love to cook and grow my skills at home. I have traded the crazy pace of serving dozens upon dozens of people lunch everyday for serving just four people. Its a bit more special because the four that I get to serve everyday just happen to be my favorite four people in the entire world! This also means I care deeply about what I am putting into their bodies. As I have grown my cooking skills I have also grown my knowledge of all of all the unnecessary and dangerous ingredients in most of the food sitting on grocery store shelves today. After educating myself about these dangerous and harmful ingredients I strive to feed my family an unprocessed diet. I have adapted tons of recipes, sought out products that use quality ingredients, “rescued” recipes (taken a highly processed, packaged item and used it as inspiration to create an unprocessed version), and overall have changed the way I view food. I thoroughly enjoy doing all of these things and have decided it is time to share my unprocessed life with other people in hopes of inspiring them to educate themselves about processed foods and give them better options. Thank you so much for reading!